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How to Configure System Check-in

How to Configure Reporting for System Check-in

How to Configure Azure Active Directory and System Check-in

What is System Check-in?

System Check-in is an option to have users identify themselves before using Quicklaunch.

What systems can System Check-in be configured to use?

There are four options:

  • Check-in Code
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS) 
  • On-Premises Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory

Can we track who is checking-in to Quicklaunch?

Yes. System Check-in can report in different ways. See our guide for How to Configure Reporting for System Check-in 

When is Quicklaunch locked?

Quicklaunch is locked whenever the Quicklaunch Screen Saver is displayed. CTRL-ALT-L can be used to immediately display the screen saver.

What does it look like?