How to Use Quicklaunch's New Meeting Check-In Feature

This guide explains the new Quicklaunch feature known as Meeting Check-In. You will learn how to understand all of the available features attached to the new Meeting Check-In. In this FAQ, we will cover...

1) Overview of Meeting Check-In

  1. How to enable/disable Meeting Check-In
  2. What Meeting Check-In is and does

2) Meeting Check-In Settings

  1. What changes when settings are selected vs deselected

3) Meeting Check-in User Experience

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1) Overview of Meeting Check-In


Meeting Check-In...

  1.  Audits user and Quicklaunch usage
  2.  Frees up rooms when no one is present or has checked-in
  3.  Prompts users to join meetings which are not yet checked-in
  4.  Removes meetings upon meeting ends

2) Settings of Meeting Check-In


1) Enabled/Disabled: Turn on/off Meeting Check In.

  •  Note:  If meeting check in is turned off, check in audit logs are not created for meetings.

2) Check-In Timeout:  Set the number of minutes before QL prompts to join the meeting.

  • Note:  Maximum is 120 minutes.  If this setting is longer than any particular meeting duration, that meeting will never show the dialog if someone has not checked in.  When that occurs, there is no audit record created (i.e meeting was not checked in, nor expired) *** This might change to expired, tbd

3) Remove Calendar Item:  Will remove calendar items.

  • Note: When enabled, QL will delete the calendar item from the room calendar if the meeting expires, thus freeing up the room calendar.  When disabled, the audit record is still marked as “expired”, but the room is still booked / calendar item still exists.  You cannot check in to this meeting if it is expired (though you certainly can still have the meeting)  *** This might change so you can always check in to a meeting even if expired, and possibly always remove the item if expired, tbd

3) User Experience

With Meeting Check in Is Enabled:

1) Meeting Check-In does not work with UC meetings

2) For Non-UC Meetings: 

  • Users will see a "Check-In" tile next to meetings
  • Icon will change to "Checked-In" upon clicking
  • If Meeting Check-In expires
    • and Remove Calendar Item is checked, then the booked meeting is deleted
    • and Remove Calendar Item is not checked, then the "Check-In" tile is no longer shown
  • Check In Timeout at x minutes:
    • When a meeting has not been checked in, and the the Check in Timeout minutes have elapsed (since start of meeting time), the following dialog is displayed:
    • And will countdown 30 second to allow joining the meeting.  When the timer reaches 0:00, the meeting is expired.
  • Remove Calendar Item enabled:
    • If a meeting expires, the meeting is removed from the room calendar and the room calendar is refreshed.