This setting disables the prompt to cache Microsoft accounts to "Work or School" 

In Quicklaunch Settings under System->Policies enable "Do not cache "work or school" accounts

This setting updates the Windows 10 Registry for Local Machine Policy



It blocks the user from being prompted to cache a "Work or School" 

  • came out March 19, 2019 with Windows 10 1803 release with KB4489894

Some other info:


  • Only applies to "Work or School" Office365 accounts - NOT to "Microsoft Accounts: : live, hotmail, MSN, accounts
  • Will  NOT clear ANY cached accounts, just prevents adding them (If any previous accounts are cached they will have to be disconnected manually).
  • Tested MS Collaboration software
    • Excel (Works)
    • Word (Works)
    • PowerPoint (Works)
    • Paint3D (Does not support Office 365 accounts)
    • Sticky Notes (Works)
    • Sway (Works)
    • MS Store (Works)
    • one drive (Works)
    • Edge ( Works)
  • Must have latest windows & updates