The Quicklaunch Registration web site is used to register your Quicklaunch product. This FAQ will guide you with the process.


  1. Entering your License Key
  2. How to register an unregistered License Key
  3. Entering License Key into Quicklaunch

See Also

Purchase a Maintenance Voucher Guide

1) Entering your License Key

  1. Go to Quicklaunch Registration Web Site
  2. Enter in your License Key

If you have previously registered, you will this following screen with your maintenance information.  If you have not previously registered, please see section 2. If you need to purchase a Maintenance Voucher, please see the link in the See Also section above.

2) How to register an unregistered License Key

When entering an unregistered License Key, the following page will appear. Fill, then select register.  You will then be presented with your maintenance information and renewal options.

3) Entering License Key into Quicklaunch

Once Quicklaunch is downloaded, Quicklaunch Set Wizard will appear. Enter license key under "License". 

If you have an internet connection, the maintenance will automatically be recognized

Without internet, you will have to manually enter your maintenance key