In order to use Microsoft Teams effectively in the Meeting Room environment we recommend that enable "Anonymous Join"

Microsoft Teams is a new product and as such is under active development we make every effort to integrate with Teams Meetings as features become available.


Anonymous Join

In order to join a Teams Meeting as a guest without being prompted for credentials it is necessary to configure the Teams Server to allow "anonymous join" 

Within the Teams Admin Center under Meetings - Meetings Settings you will need to enable Anonymous Join.

Joining via Web Browser

2019-May-05 At this time there are several constraints to using the Web Browser to launch a Teams Meeting.

1.  Internet Explorer does not support Microsoft Teams

2.  Chrome may prompt the user to download and install Teams from the Microsoft Store but will then load a web meeting.

3.  Firefox only provides the ability to download the Teams Windows Application.

4.  Edge - Microsoft will not allow you to directly join the meeting via the web interface.   You will be first prompted to download their Windows Application each time. 

Microsoft Teams Known Issues 

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