Here is a list of USB HDMI devices that have been tested with Quicklaunch.

NOTE:  HDMI Share requires a GPU that supports DirectX 11 and YUY2 color encoding.


  • USB Capture HDMI Gen 2

One-channel HD capture device

Part number: 32060

VID 2935 / PID 0006

Supports Audio:  YES


  • HD2USB3 – HDMI to USB 3.0

VID = 2997 / PID = 0010

Supports Audio:  YES


  • Screen Share

VID 046D / PID 086C

Supports Audio:  YES

  • Logitech TAP (as of build 

VID 046D / PID 0876

Supports Audio:  YES


  • Mimo Vue Capture 10.1" Capacitive Touch Display, USB with HDMI capture (UM-1080CP-B)

VID 18D1 / PID 501E

Supports Audio:  Please contact support

  • HDMI Capture Card (HCP-1080)

VID 18D1 / PID 501E

Supports Audio:  YES