Quicklaunch v4 Ultimate Edition provides with an exclusive feature to send emails on resource status change. The following guide explains how to configure Quicklaunch to send warning emails for different System Events.


  1. What is Resource Status.
  2. What is System Event.
  3. How to Create a System event.
  4. How to configure System Event to send emails on Resource Status Change.

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1) What is Resource Status?

Resource Status Change is a change of the state of the hardware connected to the meeting Room PC. 

Quicklaunch Resource Monitor detects status changes according to the set values.

2) What is System Event.

         In Quicklaunch System Events there are 3 available Event types for Resource Status Change.

  • Resource Warning;
  • Resource Unavailable;
  • Resource Available.

3) How to Create a System Event.

         This is a guide on how to create a System Event.

  • CTRL+Alt+S to Settings;
  • Navigate to System tab;
  • Under Events click on the plus icon to add an Action;
  • Choose to Send Email;
  • Choose Select.

4) How to configure System Event to send emails on Resource Status Change.

         Once the Action is created, choose the Event type from the drop-down list.

  • a). As an example we have selected the Event Type – “Resource Unavailable”.
  • b). Add the target email to send notifications.
  • c). Under Subject add the text "Resource" (optionally) and Arguments:\
  • d).Different arguments will be used for different event types
    • Events: Resource Available, Resource Unavailable, Resource Warning
    • Event: System Check-In
    • Event: Meeting Details Link Clicked
  • d). In the Email Body write any text and add the argument. 

Event Settings:

"Do not prompt" – will not prompt to confirm to send email on Resource Status Change.

"Leave QL Full Screen" – Quicklaunch UI stays FullScreen on Resource Status Change.