If you want to trigger an event periodically, you can use the System Event called “Interval”.  This will provides you with the ability to run an Action at a specific interval. 

With this system event, you can choose any Action from our Action Catalog and create as many Interval Events as you wish.

How to create an “Interval”  System Event.

  • Go to Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S)->System->Events.
  • Add an Action by clicking on the plus icon.
  • Choose an Action from the Catalog
  • Click on Select

  • The Action is created for Room Reset as an example.
  • In Action Settings choose “Interval” Event Type and set the Time and Frequency when you wish the action to be started.

  • We also provide with the Display Rules Settings for System Events in case you would like to configure the Interval Event to launch an application, open a web page, start File Explorer or join a meeting.

For more information about how to configure Display Rule Settings see our FAQ: https://quicklaunch.ucworkspace.com/support/solutions/articles/3000076199-display-rules-overview