This FAQ will show to set-up a webinar using GoToWebinar as well as showing how to add this webinar to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. GoToWebinar offers quick Webinar planning, automatic registration page/email reminders, practice mode and analytics.


  1. Setting Up GoToWebinar
  2. Adding Webinar to Outlook Calendar
  3. Using GoToWebinar in Quicklaunch

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1. Setting up GoToWebinar

  • Start by setting up an account at
  • Click the "Schedule" button to begin creating your meeting
  • You will then want to setup your meeting details
  • Clicking the "Schedule" button will bring up GoToWebinar event details
  • The "About" tab allows you to change the title, add a description and add panelists
  • The "Settings" tab is for enabling auto-recording, audio and access codes
  • The "Branding & Colours" tab is for customizing the webinar
  • The "Sharing Event" tab has a link for the registration, Webinar ID and Publishing to GoToStage
  • The "Registration" tab is for adjusting registration options such as limit of attendees, approval process and password protection
  • The "Emails" tab is sending reminder emails as well as confirmation emails to attendees
  • "Engage Your Attendees" is used for inserting live Surveys, Polls, Handouts or Videos within your webinar

2. Adding Webinar to Outlook Calendar

  • After you have concluded setting up your webinar, click "Add webinar details to my calendar" under the "About" tab
  • After clicking this button, your event details will be downloaded. Run the file downloaded
  • After running this file, the webinar details will load into Outlook. Pressing accept on this webinar will add it to your calendar
  • If your Outlook account is linked to Quicklaunch, you will find the GoToWebinar in your Quicklaunch calendar

3. Using GoToWebinar in Quicklaunch

  • After locating the GoToWebinar on your Quicklaunch calendar, you can click the icon to load your webinar
  • After clicking the icon, GoToWebinar will launch in a browser and you will be prompted to launch GoToOpener
  • After running GoToOpener, your webinar will launch
  • After closing your Webinar, you will be prompted to give feedback