This article is for large Enterprises who wish to upgrade from Quicklaunch V3 (ClickOnce) to Quicklaunch V4 (MSI) with no UI interaction (silent upgrade).

Quicklaunch V3 uses Microsoft's ClickOnce deployment technology.  Unfortunately ClickOnce requires interaction with the desktop to uninstall.  This is not practical for Enterprises with many installations of Quicklaunch.

This guide will show you how to upgrade Quiclaunch V3 to V4 without UI interaction.

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  1. Download the V3 ClickOnce Uninstaller
  2. Download V4 Quicklaunch Installer
  3. Silent Upgrade Steps

Download the V3 ClickOnce Uninstaller

The ClickOnceUninstaller is a .Net program that removes ClickOnce applications without user interaction.  Download the "ClickOnceUnInstaller.exe" from 

Download V4 Quicklaunch Installer

The current production version of Quicklaunch can be downloaded from

Silent Upgrade Steps

There are two steps to upgrading from V3 to V4 silently:

Uninstall Quicklaunch V3 

Run the ClickOnceUninstaller program from a regular command prompt.  

The command line is:  "ClickOnceUnInstaller.exe QuickLaunch"  (note the spelling of Quickllaunch has a capital "L")

This will uninstall Quicklaunch V3 without any UI prompting.  It will also leave the Quicklaunch settings file on the computer (which includes the license key, room account and all other settings).  This settings file will then be picked up by the V4 installer.

Install Quicklaunch V4

Run the Quicklaunch V4 Installer program.  The following is a common example.  For more install options see the bottom of the Quicklaunch V4 MSI Installer FAQ.

QuicklaunchInstallerx.x.x.x.exe APPDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\UC Workspace\" QL_SETTINGS_DIR="C:\ProgramData\UC Workspace\Quicklaunch\" QL_IMPORT_DIR="C:\ProgramData\UC Workspace\Quicklaunch\Import\" /L*V "%temp%\qlinstall.log" /qn

Once the V4 installer is run, it will pickup the V3 settings file and migrate it to V4.  This includes the license key, accounts and all other settings.

You have now upgraded from Quicklaunch V3 to V4.