This FAQ will discuss how to use FlatFrog in Quicklaunch to send emails when a board is saved, or at the end of the meeting. With the two primary user stories, you can send FlatFrog boards immediately as PDF's or as images, or you can utilize "Allow Zip/Send Meeting Files" to send all FlatFrog boards at the end of the meeting. 

We will mention the use of arguments and system events to ensure emails are sent to appropriate addresses.

To begin, ensure FlatFrog Board is installed from  You may need to contact FlatFrog to obtain a special build compatible with Quicklaunch.

Quicklaunch also has a special FlatFrog template already set up with this configuration - please contact for more information.


  1. Send Email Immediately
  2. Send Email at End of Meeting
  3. Room Reset 

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1) Send Email Immediately

  • Enter Settings>System>Events>Add Action
  • Search for "Send Email"
  1. Change "Event Type" to "Monitor Folder"
  2. Set the "Watched Folder" to Pictures>Quicklaunch>Direct Share
  3. If you want to send the FlatFrog Board to all meeting participants, add the argument {{CurrentMeetingParticipants}} to the "To Email" spot
  4. If you want the email subject to match your meeting's subject, add the argument {{CurrentMeetingSubject}} to the "Subject" spot
  5. Put a message in the email body.
  6. If you check "Do Not Prompt" it will silently send the FlatFrog files.  If unchecked a Quicklaunch email prompt will be displayed
  7. "Leave QL Full Screen" ensures that Quicklaunch will not dock when the email is sent
  • Flatfrog Board, you can "Share" 
  • Then choose "Now" and click "Share via Quicklaunch"
  • After clicking Share via Quicklaunch, your FlatFrog Board will be sent to meeting participants

2) Send Email at End of Meeting

  • Enter Settings>System>Events>Add Action
  • Search "Copy Folder Content"
  1. Change "Event Type" to "Monitor Folder"
  2. Set the "Watched Folder" and "Source Folder" both to Pictures>Quicklaunch>End of Meeting Share
  3. Set "Destination Folder" to Documents>Quicklaunch>Meeting Zip Files
  4. Checking "Delete Files After" will ensure that the End of Meeting Share folder is cleared after the content is copied
  • In FlatFrog Board, you can click "Share" 
  • Select "End of Meeting" and click "Share via Quicklaunch"
  • When your meeting ends, End Meeting Zip will send all files saved to the folder

3) Room Reset

How to Configure Flat frog with Room Reset first go to 

  • Settings  > System > Room Reset > Scroll down to "Other" > Enable "Clear Flatfrog Board" 
  • Once this is enabled, when Quicklaunch room reset the Flatfrog information will be cleared and the application will close, As well as Flatfrog files ( C:\Users\[Username\AppData\Local\Packages\FlatfrogLaboratoriesAB.FlatFrogAgile_21ytazy4986c0\LocalCache\unzipped_save_folder)
  • All projects that have been saved will not be cleared.