Room Reset is a feature in Quicklaunch that allows you to "clean up" a meeting room computer at the end of a meeting or manually any time during a meeting.  You can delete files, close applications and signout of the applications. This feature is included in all editions of Quicklaunch.

Meeting End Notifications alert the user that a meeting is about to end or has ended, and the room is about to be reset.

This article discusses the common use scenarios for setting up and using Room Reset and Meeting End Notifications.


  1. Configuring Room Reset
  2. Notifying Users of a Meeting End 
  3. How to Extend a Meeting
  4. Suspending Room Reset and Warnings
  5. Sending Meeting Documents at the End of a Meeting
  6. How to Reset the Room Manually

1) Configuring Room Reset

Room reset has many options for closing applications, signing out of applications and cleaning up files.  See this FAQ for all the details on setting up the various options:  Configuring Room Reset

2) Notifying Users of a Meeting End

Meeting notifications can appear prior to a meetings end.  This will allow the user to extend the meeting, dismiss the warning or suspend all future warnings. 

There are two types of meeting notifications:

  • Meeting Warning Notification - this notification is a warning that a meeting is about to end
  • Meeting End Notification - this notifies the user the meeting has ended and the room is about to be reset

Setting it up:

  • Meeting Warning: To enable Meeting Warning  go to settings > calendar > notifications and enable "Meeting Warning".  You can set the number of minutes prior to the meeting end when the warning will take place, as well as the message.

  • Meeting End: to enable "Meeting End" go to settings > calendar > notifications and enable "Meeting End".  You can setup a countdown to meeting room reset that the notification will appear.

More information can be found in the FAQ: Disable all notifications at meeting end

Using it:

Meeting End Warning: When a meeting is about to end the notification for "Meeting End Warning" will appear (shown below) if you dismiss, the notification will go away but room reset is still set to run.

Meeting End: When a meeting has ended a notification for "Meeting End" will appear (shown below) Room reset will run after the given time.  If dismissed, the notification will go away but room reset will still run.


3) How to Extend a Meeting

Extending a meeting allows the user to lengthen their meeting as long as there is no meeting scheduled after the current meeting. In the calendar, the original meeting can be extended, or a another meeting will be booked.

Setting it up:

The meeting extend option is a button on the meeting notifications (see above) and also the meeting timer.

To setup the meeting timer go to settings > display > docked and enable "Show Meeting Timer".  This will allow users to extend a meeting with notifications enabled or disabled. 

To set up extend meeting, see this FAQ:  How to Extend an Active Meeting

Using it:

If you have meeting notifications enabled, the users can click on the "extend" button on the notification. This will show the extend dialog.  Here the user can drag the blue circle you can extend up to 120 minutes or dismiss the warning. Once the user has extended your meeting your calendar will be updated and will show those extended time as reserved.

The users can also extend a meeting using the meeting timer. Clicking the Extend Meeting button will allow the user to set a new time for the meeting.

4) Suspending Room Reset and Notifications

Sometimes meeting users want to ignore all future notifications and suspend room reset for the current meeting.  The Suspend Room Reset feature allows the user to suspend all notifications for the rest of the meeting and room reset will not run at the end of a meeting. 

Setting it up:

Go to To setup simply go to settings > calendar > notifications > enable "Suspend Room Reset"

See this FAQ for more details:  How to Suspend Room Reset

Using It: 

Once suspend room reset is setup,  when a Meeting Warning or Meeting End notifications appears the user will be able to suspend all notifications and room reset will not run at the end of the meeting.  The user is still able to manually run room reset. After selecting the "Suspend Reset" button a dialog message ensuring this is what you would like will appear.


5) Sending Meeting Documents at the End of a Meeting

This feature allows you to have the option to send a zip/email files when the meeting has ended. This feature is only shown when there are files found in the meetings file folder. This setting can be configured to zip all files located in the path and send in an email to the meeting participants. 

Setting it Up:

  1. Setup the meetings file path located in settings > calendar > general and enable "Allow Zip/Send Meeting Files" once enabled there will be a default path or change it to the desired file path. 
  2. Enable send zip files at meeting end,  go to calendar > notifications > and enable "Meeting Zip"

Using It:

When a Meeting Warning Notification or a Meeting End Notification is displayed, there will be a button to Zip and Email the contents from the meeting Zip folder.  When this is clicked a dialog will be displayed allowing the user to create and send an email with the Zip file as an attachment.

6) How to Reset the Room Manually 

Resetting the room manually allows the user to reset the room immediately.  This can be done anytime and is great for when a meeting ends early.

Setting it up:

There are two ways to manually run room reset, during a meeting and selecting the room reset action tile.

To setup the action tile simple go to settings > calendar > actions > actions add an action tile and select room reset. 

If you would like to run a room reset during a meeting select "Reset Room" in the meeting timer at the top of the dockbar

Using it:

Action Tile -

Meeting Timer -