Zoom has two different sets of client settings.  Depending on how you use Zoom with Quicklaunch it may have different client settings:

  • If you use Zoom with Meeting Manager or you use Zoom Thick client to join meetings, you will be using the Zoom SDK settings (except for the anonymous join).
  • If you use Zoom launched from a browser, you will be using the default Zoom settings.

If you want to copy the default Zoom settings to the use with Quicklaunch Meeting Manager or Zoom Thick Client, follow these steps:

Note, make sure the Zoom client version is greater than 5.0.2 and Quicklaunch is not running.

1. Navigate to %appdata%\Zoom\data

2. Copy zoomus.db file

3. Navigate to %appdata%\ZoomSDK\data 

4. Paste the zoomus.db file (choose to overwrite the existing file).