"View Calendar Info Constraint" will restrict seeing meeting information dependent on your choice. The choices are None, Same Day Only, Same Day and Past, Same Day and Future, and Time Offset.

View Calendar Info Constraint is located in Settings (Ctrl-Alt-S)> Calendar>General.  

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  1. Settings up Calendar Info Constraint
  2. View Calendar Info Constraint example

The choices are... 

  • None - No restrictions
  • Same Day Only - Only see meeting information for current date
  • Same Day and Past - See information from current date and all past dates
  • Same Day and Future - See information from current date and future dates
  • Time Offset - Choose how many minutes before and after the meeting you can see the information

With Same Day Only selected, the Quicklaunch calendar will look like this

Current day

Previous day

As you see...

  • Meeting details are disabled 
  • Add participants is disabled
  • View details is disabled
  • Group email is disabled