The Quicklaunch Remote control brings "no touch" to the conference room.  It allows conference room users to control Quicklaunch right from their smart phone (Android, iPhone or any device that has a web browser).  

With the Quicklaunch Remote you can do all kinds of functions:

  • use a smart phone to control the conference room mouse & keyboard
  • join a meeting
  • run an action tile
  • reset the room


The Quicklaunch remote control is a lightweight web server installed on the conference room computer.  For any device to control the computer, they must be on the same network (wired or wireless) and be able to access the conference room computer web server. 

It is a feature of Quicklaunch Ultimate edition.

Scanning of QR Code on Quicklaunch Dockbar on 1920*1080p and below resolution monitors may not work.


The Quicklaunch Remote has a number of levels of security:

  • the remote software uses a user-defined authorization token defined in Quiclklaunch
  • each meeting uses a one-time QR code that is regenerated each time the room reset is run
  • the conference room computer firewall can be configured as a public network and limit access to the computer


  • Due to restrictions in the windows operating system, the mouse and keyboard will not work with any elevated program (i.e. programs "run as administrator").  This also includes with Windows on screen keyboard.  We recommend you use the remote keyboard or the Quicklaunch on-screen keyboard.


  1. Download the latest UCW Installer from UCW Installer Web Site
  2. Click on the Quicklaunch install
  3. Remote Control is included with the Quicklaunch installation.

Setup of the Remote

  1. Start Quicklaunch and go into settings:
    • Go to System -> general.  
      • Enable Quicklaunch API, enter any phrase for the AuthenticationToken.  For the port, enter 5000.   You can enter any port number as long as it does not conflict with other software.
    • Go to Plugins -> Quicklaunch Remote. 
      • Enable the remote and enter 5500 for the port.   You can enter any port number as long as it does not conflict with other software (or the Quicklaunch API)
      • Check if the IP address of the conference room PC is auto-filled with the correct IP. The IP address override to be used in  environments where there is a VPN enabled, a second network card, network software, proxy, etc.)
      • Enter the static code if you wish to have a permanent Remote Control URL on a wireless console. Utilizing this feature does not change the behavior of the session reset functionality with an Action Tile or on Room Reset.
      • Select the Action Groups that you wish to display on the remote control UI.
    • Go to Actions -> Actions
      • Select an action group
      • Open the action catalog and search for "Remote"
      • Add the "QL Remote Control" Action
      • When showing remote on Dockbar it is suggested to enable 'Show Top Level' so it is always visible on the Dockbar.
    • TIP: using SVG icons for actions will give a higher contrast QR code that will be recognized easier by phones.
      • go to Display -> General
      • select "Allow ColorSVG icons on actions"
    • Save Settings.
  2. On your first use, you may be prompted with the windows defender firewall.  Make sure to check "public networks" (more secure) and "allow access". This is only prompted one time.
  3. The remote is ready to be used and will display a QR code as an action tile

Using the Quicklaunch Remote

On the conference room computer, the Quicklaunch main screen will show a QR code action tile.

Android - There are a few ways to scan QR codes with Android:

1. Some phones allow you to use the camera to scan the QR code.  Point the camera at the QR code and a link should pop up.  Tap on the link.

2. Use the built-in Google Assistant. Start Google Assistant by pressing and holding the home key.  Click on the Google Lens icon (left of mic button) and then scan the QR code,  When a URL is displayed, click on it and you will be taken to the Quicklaunch Remote.

3. If neither of these work, you will need to download an app to read QR codes.

iPhone - use the iPhone camera to scan the QR code.  Point the Camera at the QR code, and click on the link to display the Quicklaunch Remote.

Big Tip! - when using the touchpad to control the conference room mouse, for fine control "roll" your finger rather than moving it.

Draw with Touchpad

  1. Enter Trackpad and Keyboard feature on Quicklaunch Remote Control
  2. Press and hold the left mouse button until the button colour changes
  3. Drag your finger around the touchpad to draw
  4. Tap the left mouse button to release the right click

Using the Remote Control - Video