NOTE: weavLT is an NEC exclusive feature until Jan 2021.  In order to use it, you will need an NEC OEM license key.

weavLT is a great new collaboration product that allows every one in the conference room to share their files, pictures and videos with everyone in the room  - right from their phone or laptop!   Users can also view their calendars and start meetings. 

And when users are finished everything all content is safely and securely closed.

There are two pieces to weavLT:  

the host - that runs on the conference room computer

the participant - that runs on your phone or laptop.

Installing weavLT on your Conference Room Computer

See this article: Setting up WeavLT with Quicklaunch

Installing the weavLT participant on your phone or laptop


Click the icon to download the app from the Apple App Store:


Click the icon to download the app from Google Play:


Click the icon to download and run the UCW Installer:

When the installer starts, Select "Install" for the weavLT Participant

Then just start weavLT Participant and join your meeting!

Using weavLT

See this article on how to use weavLT: Using weavLT