NOTE: weavLT is an NEC exclusive feature, in order to use it, you will need an NEC OEM license key.

To use weavLT with Quicklaunch, you need to download the UCW Installer, which will install Quicklaunch, weavLT and any related components.

You *must* do a fresh install of Quicklaunch or weavLT will not work properly.


1. Download and run the UCW Installer

2. Setting up Quicklaunch

3. Setting up Quicklaunch with weavLT

4. Set up Room Reset

5. Showing weavLT with an Action Tile

6. Setting up Bluetooth to work with weavLT

1. Download and run the UCW Installer

The latest UCW Installer can be downloaded from:

1. Run the program and it will setup the UCW Installer.  Follow the instructions on the screen:


2. The UCW Installer should start automatically and will display the "Available" software screen.

3. Select to install Quicklaunch.  

4. You may also want to install the weavLT Participant on the conference room PC, This will allow participants to share their files and calendar using the conference room PC in case they forget their mobile device.

2. Setting Up Quicklaunch

Set up your Quicklaunch as you would normally.  See the Quicklaunch Deployment guide for more information:  Quicklaunch V4 UE Deployment Guide

3. Setup Quicklaunch with weav LT

1. Make sure you are using an NEC OEM license key

2. Go to Settings -> Plugins -> and check "Is Enabled"

3. You may also want to set some other common options:

Screen: if you have multiple displays, this is the screen that weavLT will be displayed on.

Show QR Codes: will show QR codes on the weavLT screen to allow participants to connect using QR codes

Ping WeavLT:  this tests to see if Quicklaunch and weavLT are communicating. weavLT must be started before this will work.

Default Visibility: you can have weavLT run all the time, or only to display when you click on an action tile.  See below.

4. Save Settings and the weavLT will display

4. Setup Room Reset

On settings -> System -> Room Reset, make sure to enable "Reset WeavLT".  This will ensure all weavLT temporary files are cleaned up at the end of each meeting.

5. Showing weavLT with an Action Tile

If you have the weavLT default visibility set to "hidden", you can use an action tile to display weavLT:

1. go to settings -> Actions 

2. Add the weavLT action from the action catalog

3. Set the visibility to "Show"

4. Save settings

6. Setting up Bluetooth to work with weavLT

If you setup Bluetooth for weavLT, then phone and laptops can automatically detect the conference room computer and participants can join without having to scan a QR code or enter a meeting code.

1. On the conference room computer open up weavLT Host

2. Open up connections and then open up settings 

3. Copy the room name and the installation key

4. Open up Windows Device Manager

5. Expand the bluetooth device

6. Open the properties for "Generic Bluetooth Radio"

7. Click on Advanced

8. Change the name to be:  "WEAVLT-(room name)-(installation key no dashes)"

For example.  If the Room Name is "Room12" and the Installation Key is "698-318-1707", enter:


8. Click on OK