Source Switching is an NEC exclusive feature that is available with an NEC Quicklaunch license key.  This Plugin feature allows for easy switching between video ports found on the InfinityBoard 2.1 display from NEC.

TIP:  If you want to get back to displaying the OPS - press the "option" button on the remote.

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  1. Search Windows for "Device Manager"
  2. Scroll down until you see "Ports"
  3. Expand this list to see your Port name

  1. Enter Quicklaunch Settings > Plugins
  2. Select "NECDisplays"
  3. Enable the Plugin
  4. Enter your "Serial Port" (Found in Device Manager)
    1. Note - There is no current way to determine which Serial Port is needed for source switching - these ports are determined by Microsoft
    2. You can detect the IB2 COM Port by unplugging the device and looking for which port appears on replugging
    3. You  can also try each COM port and see what happens
  5. Choose your "Default Source" - The InfinityBoard will default to this source after Room Reset or Quicklaunch startup

Source options include:

  • Option - Selects the OPS-PC as input signal source
  • Display Port 1 and 2 - Selecting between the two onboard display ports
  • HDMI 1, 2 and 3 - Selects between the three onboard display ports
  • MP - Selects the integrated media player such as a USB stick or microSD card
  • Compute Module - Selects the Raspberry PI Compute Module Interface Board 

  1. Enter Quicklaunch Settings > Actions
  2. Select the Actions tab > Select your Actions Group > Press the Plus Icon
  3. Change the Vendor the NEC
  4. Select NECDisplaySource
  5. Press Select

  1. Ensure that the NECDisplaySource action tile was added
  2. Optionally adjust the name, short name, and description
  3. Choose another source you want to be switched to when the action tile is selected

  1. Enter Quicklaunch Settings > System > Reset Room
  2. Enable NEC Displays - Reset NEC Displays
  3. This will always use the default source selected in the Plugins group when Reset Room is ran

  1. Return to the Quicklaunch interface by saving your settings
  2. See your action tile in the appropriate actions group
  3. Click to run your Source Switching action tile