The UCW Installer installs any of the UCW products and supporting components.  It ensures the correct versions are installed and kept up to date.  It can be run interactively or from the command line.


The latest UCW Installer can be downloaded from:

1. Run the program and it will setup the UCW Installer.  Follow the instructions on the screen:


2. The UCW Installer should start automatically and will display the "Available" software screen.

3. From here you can select to install and of the UCW products.


To uninstall any UCW product:

(1) Start the UCW Installer

(2) Click on the "Installed" tab

(3) Select the product you would like to un-install and click on "Un-install"

Using the UCW Installer from the Command Line

Admin command prompt


Installing Quicklaunch

    options: install --product "Quicklaunch" 

Installing WeavLT Participant with command line:

    options: install --product "WeavLT Participant" --installfromdirectory "(directory)" --productmanifest "(productmanifestPathAndFileName)"

Installing WEAV host and or Participant with the command line:

    options: install --product "Weav" --installfromdirectory "(directory)"  --productmanifest "(productmanifestPathAndFileName)"  --commandlineargs  INSTALL_PARTICIPANT=install

    options: install --product "Weav" --installfromdirectory "(directory)"  --productmanifest "(productmanifestPathAndFileName)"  --commandlineargs  INSTALL_HOST=install

    Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\UC Workspace\UCW Installer\UCWInstaller.exe" install --product "Weav" --installfromdirectory "G:\UCWInstaller\Weav\" --productmanifest "G:\UCWInstaller\Weav\UCWInstallerManifest.json" --commandlineargs INSTALL_HOST=install

                  Or: "C:\Program Files (x86)\UC Workspace\UCW Installer\UCWInstaller.exe" install --product "Weav" --commandlineargs INSTALL_HOST=install

Installing both host & participant :

    options: install --product "Weav" --installfromdirectory "(directory)" --productmanifest "(productmanifestPathAndFileName)" --commandlineargs "INSTALL_HOST=install INSTALL_PARTICIPANT=install"

                Or: install --product "Weav"  --commandlineargs  "INSTALL_HOST=install INSTALL_PARTICIPANT=install"

Installing UCCentral (does not prompt for anything )

    options: install --installfromdirectory "(directory)" --productmanifest "(productmanifestPathAndFileName)" --commandlineargs provisioncode=(provision-code)


UCWInstaller uninstall --product (Quicklaunck|UCCentral|Weav) 

    options: --uninstalldependancies--productmanifest "(productmanifestPathAndFileName)"


UCWInstaller update 

    options: --updatefromdirectory "(directory)" --productmanifest "(productmanifestPathAndFileName)"

UCW Installer Log Files

During install, update or un-install, UCW Installer log files are written to:


Individual MSI log files are written to:

            %temp%/UCW_{program name}_MSI_Install_*.log

The UCW Installer Service (which is responsible for updates) are written to:


Complete Manual Un-install

TO manually un-install everything from UCW without using the UCW installer, follow these instructions:

Kill the processes:


From windows settings apps:

uninstall Quicklaunch

uninstall CloudAgent

uninstall WeavLT Participant

uninstall WeavLT Host (if it is there)

uninstall Huddly Service

uninstall Quicklaunch Remote

uninstall RabbitMQ

uninstall erlang (may be called OTP 22.2 or something like that)

uninstall the UCW Installer

In the registry, delete the keys (if they exist)




In windows explorer, delete (if they exist)

C:\Program Files (x86)\UC Workspace

C:\Program Files\RabbitMq Server

C:\Program Files\erl10.7

C:\Program Files\UC Workspace

C:\ProgramData\UC Workspace


Finally, Reboot your machine