Using weavLT with your WIndows personal computer allows you to securely share files and start meetings. Give it a try!


1. Sign into weavLT and Connect to a Session

2. Share a File

3. Start a Meeting

4. Leaving the Session

Sign into weavLT and Connect to a Session

When you launch the weavLT Participant application on a PC, you will be asked for your name and email address. The name will appear on the host computer.

weavLT Participant will try to discover the weavLT host, if it does, it will display it under the "Rooms" list.

Or Enter a Session Code

1. Press the edit icon 

2. Enter the room ID from weavLT Host

3. Join the room

Share a File

1. Press your desired drive (Local, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box)

2. Locate your file and press the share icon

3. If you like, the folder Open icon will open the file locally

What shows on weavLT Host

To stop sharing, you can either press the 'X' icon on weavLT Participant

Or the Host can stop sharing on the conference room PC

Start a Meeting

1. Press Calendar tab on weavLT

2. Log in to your email account

3. Press the meeting icon on the meeting you want to share to the host PC

Leaving the Session

1. Press the Leave Session button

Any files that were shared during the session will be securely removed.