Digital Signage in Quicklaunch allows you display videos or websites when the Quicklaunch screen saver is displayed.  This is a great way to communicate your corporation information when the conference room is idle.

How to install 

1. Make sure that you have Quicklaunch installed.

2. To install Digital Signage, download and install and run the UCW Installer from then install "Add digital signage to Quicklaunch"

Setting Up Digital Signage

1. Restart Quicklaunch

2. Go into Quicklaunch settings -> Display -> Screen Saver

3. From the list of screen savers, select "Signage"

4. Enter a URL or a video file in the space provided to point to your signage web site.  

Using with Loopsign

Loopsign is the only digital signage provider certified by UC Workspace.  To use Loopsign, simply enter your Loopsign URL in the URL/File in the space provided.