Quicklaunch requires the ability to connect to a Room Resource. 

Note that this Room Resource will not require a license unless you are leveraging a Skype for Business Account.   It can be licensed if you are wanting to use the o365/Teams but this is NOT necessary for presenting the room calendar on the Quicklaunch application.

How to create Room Resource: 

Microsoft Provide direction on how to create a room resource in their documentation:  

O365: Create and manage room mailboxes

On-Premise: Create and manage room mailboxes in Exchange 2013

EWS - Enable Password

If you are using EWS you will need to enable the Password for the Room Resource.

O365: Reset a user's password using Azure Active Directory

On-Premise: Set-Mailbox

NOTE: On O365 after you have set the password in Azure AD you will need to log onto the account via office.com and reset the password.