The UCW Secure Browser for MS Teams is the most secure way to log into your meeting. By scanning a QR code on the meeting room PC from our Android or iPhone App, you can securely log into your meeting. When the meeting window is closed, all credentials are removed from the PC.

This is Quicklaunch UE exclusive feature.

Currently this feature is only available for Microsoft Office 365 accounts using Microsoft signin.


1. Install UCW/Kramer Installer from here.

2. Install both Quicklaunch and UCW Secure Browser from the UCW/Kramer Installer.

3. Download the UCW Authenticator from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhone.

App Store (Apple)

Play Store (Android)


1. Enter Quicklaunch Settings.

   • Calendar > Meetings > MS Teams > "Choose a client" select UCW Secure browser.

   • System > Polices > ensure that trusted sites are enabled with and

    • System > Reset Room > Enable Reset Room > Close UCW Secure Browser.

Using It

1. Schedule a teams meeting.

2. On the QL calendar, click to join the MS Teams meeting.

3. When QR code pops up, scan with UCW Authenticator app, enter credentials.  Note screen shots below are from an Android.

4. The MS Teams meeting will now launch in the Secure Browser.


  • Join as Host - Allows a person to enter their credentials on the conference room PC.
  • Join as Guest - Allows person to join the meeting with just a name

* This screen appears after an MS Teams meeting is selected from the Quicklaunch calendar *