Using the UCW Secure Browser for MS Office 365 and MS Teams allows for complete security in the meeting space. After scanning the QR Code and entering credentials, access is granted to the respective application. After closing the Secure Browser window, all credentials are cleared and nothing is cached on the meeting room PC.

Currently this feature is only available for Microsoft Office 365 accounts using Microsoft sign-in.

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Using UCW Secure Browser with MS Teams Meetings.


  • After 3 days of inactivity, the Microsoft 365 or Office 365-based architecture will flush a decrypted password from memory.  Mobile device users will have to re-enter their credentials at times due to this security measure.


App Store (Apple)

Play Store (Android)

  • Enter Quicklaunch Settings > Actions > Actions > Add Action > Search MS Office or MS Teams > Save Settings.

*Be sure to select the action tile under the "UCW Secure Browser" dropdown*


  • Press the action tile on the Quicklaunch interface.

  • After launching the action tile, the authenticator screen will appear.
  • Sign in on the PC using your Microsoft account credentials or proceed to the next step.

  • Launch the UCW Authenticator App > Scan the Code > Enter Username, Choose Work or School account > Enter Password > Choose whether to stay signed in, or not.  Note screens below are from an Android.

  • The MS Office 365/MS Teams will now be opened.