This FAQ will describe how to add an automation macro from the Kramer Control (KC) Brain to the Quicklaunch interface.


You must have a Kramer Control Brain installed and setup on the same network as Quicklaunch.

Set Up

  1. Launch Quicklaunch and go to Settings -> Actions -> Actions Tab
  2. Click the Add Action Button and enter "Kramer" in the Search Field, alternatively you can also select "Kramer" from the Vendor Drop Down Menu 
  3. Select "Kramer Control Macro" as shown below:

        4. The Kramer Control Macro set up will launch so settings can be entered as below:

        5. Once the appropriate settings have been entered Click the "Save" Button and your new Kramer Control Brain Macro will be displayed on the Quicklaunch interface.  In the example below 2 controls are shown with icons to turn the lights of your space on and off.

Using the Macro

Once the Setup is complete simply click on the new macro and it will be executed.  A notification will appear in the bottom right corner upon a successful or unsuccessful execution of the selected macro.