Beta version. This feature is designed for use with Kramer Control Brain websites. 

Please Note:

- Adding multiple website Actions will increase memory consumption.

- Web pages running videos automatically are restarted on room reset and the video is played in the background. 

- Website links that open a new tab/window, will open a separate window that is not closed by room reset

Tab Area Aspect Ratio

8:5 (Mimo) Display ~ 5.9625:5

16:9 (Standard) Display ~ 11.9292:9

In Display Settings Fullscreens (Tabbed)

If there is a messages showing an additional component needs to be installed. Instead of the add website controls then Digital Signage needs to be installed. 

How to install Digital Signage

1. Make sure that you have Quicklaunch installed.

2. To install Digital Signage, download and install and run the UCW Installer from then install "Add digital signage to Quicklaunch"