Dear Quicklaunch Zoom Users,


We want to inform you of a breaking change coming up in Quicklaunch installations that use Zoom meetings.  Zoom has changed its login method for 3rd party applications, such as Quicklaunch. We are forced to make a change to Quicklaunch that will require each installation to be reconfigured for Zoom's new login changes.


What are the impacts of this change?

  • When updating to newer versions of Quicklaunch, Zoom meetings will not work until your room account is reconfigured in your Quicklaunch Settings.


What settings need to change?

  • SDK credentials will need to be used instead of username and password.
  • This only affects the zoom login for the room account.  It does not affect calendar or Microsoft accounts.


What version of Quicklaunch will I have to install to get these Zoom login changes?

  • The zoom login changes will be available in Quicklaunch versions and later    


How can we coordinate this change?

  • Turn off automatic updates on all Quicklaunch computers.
  • When UC Workspace provides the new release that supports the Zoom change, download it to a test machine and update the Zoom credentials.
  • Once you are satisfied everything works as expected, update machines - one by one - setting the room credentials for each.


Can I centrally deploy this change with SCCM or InTune or UC Central?

  • We have released a tool to centrally deploy this change with UC Central.  Please see this FAQ: Update Zoom OAuth Token from UC Central.
  • NOTE: logging into each Zoom account manually, on a central computer, WILL BE required.

Do I have to do this right away?

  • No, you can use your existing Quicklaunch up until November 5th, 2022. In this case, make sure you turn off automatic updates in Quicklaunch. 
    • After November 5th, 2022, Zoom will no longer support the older versions of the software - you must update to the latest Quicklaunch.
    • Quicklaunch will still work even after the 5th. If you use the Zoom SDK, thick client functionalities (not anonymously joining, Meet Now) will stop working.
    • You will not be able to update Quicklaunch until version 4.2 is released on October 31, 2022.
    • Updating before the November 5, 2022 deadline will reduce the chance of any downtime.


Will I need to install any supporting software?

  • Yes, you will need to make sure you update and install Quicklaunch with the UCW Installer.
  • You will need to have the latest UCW Browser installed.  Updating can all be done through the UCW installer.


Can I run the old version of Quicklaunch and a newer version on the same computer?

  • No, you can only have one version of Quicklaunch installed on a computer at any time.


Can I run the old version of Quicklaunch and the new one on different computers?

  • Yes. However, you must update to a compatible version by November 5th, 2022.


What are the detailed instructions?


I don't use Zoom - does this affect me?

  • No, if you don't use Zoom, this change does not affect you.


When will the new changes be released?

  • Zoom has approved Quicklaunch with the new SDK and we will release our production version on October 31, 2022.


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