Windows OS does not provide an option to select a USB video device as a default video source for meeting providers. When starting a conference room meeting, the HDMI Capture device or the wrong camera may be presented in MS Teams or other meeting providers. As a workaround, Quicklaunch provides an ability to disable a specific USB device manually or silently when triggered by a system event like a Meeting Join or Action Tile clicked event.

Please note, some devices require a PC restart to apply changes every time the USB device is disabled or enabled. This feature does not guarantee the device status will be updated properly if you do not run a Windows reboot after each execution. If your devices require a system reboot to be disabled/enabled, this is not a recommended feature for you to use in your environment. 


  1. How to add an Action tile to disable or enable a USB device manually

  2. How to silently run a Disable/Enable device Action with a System Event

1. How to add an Action Tile to disable or enable a USB camera manually.

An Action Tile can be added to the Quicklaunch user interface to disable or enable USB cameras. 

To add an Action Tile:

  • open Quicklaunch Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S)
  • navigate to Actions Setting
  • select the Actions Group and add a new Action
  • look for the action tile called Disable or Enable Device 
  • add selected Action

Disable\Enable Device is a universal Action Tile that can be configured to disable or enable devices.

  • keep the "Disable Devices" checkbox enabled if you wish to disable the device
  • click on the plus icon to add hardware
  • enter the hardware ID

To find a hardware ID of the USB camera:

  • open Windows Device Manager
  • view Properties of the selected camera
  • navigate to the Details tab and select Hardware IDs property
  • copy the value
  • enter the value in Quicklaunch Action Tile Settings

2. How to silently run the Disable/Enable Device Action with a System Event

System events allow users to run a program or an action when specific events happen in Quicklaunch.  See more details about System events in this FAQ.


To add a System Event:

  • open Quicklaunch Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S)
  • navigate to System->Events tab
  • add new Action (select Disable Device action)

Next, add hardware ID and select a System Event that should trigger the Action.

You can use any of the available System Events to Disable or Enable USB cameras.