The Quicklaunch Welcome Screen is used to lock the Quicklaunch interface and only allow authenticated users to access the interface and action tiles. 

This FAQ will cover 

  1. Setup Welcome Screen
  2. Using the Welcome Screen
  3. Security Restrictions

1) Setup Welcome Screen

1) Enter Settings by pressing CTRL+ALT+S

2) Navigate to Account>Lock Mode>Select Welcome Screen

3) Welcome Screen is broken into three sections

  • General
  • Calendar
  • Theme


  • Wait Time
    • How much uninterrupted time it takes until the Welcome Screen is shown over the Quicklaunch interface
  • Show Logo
    • Choose whether or not the Kramer logo is displayed on the Welcome Screen
  • Show World Clock
    • Choose if the world clock (time and date) is shown
  • Show Room Name
    • Choose if the Room Name is shown, or not


  • Show Calendar
    • Choose if the calendar is shown on the Welcome Screen
  • Set Calendar User from Login
    • Adjust the Quicklaunch Calendar to show depending who logged into the Welcome Screen
  • Number of Calendar Items Displayed 
    • Adjust how many calendar items will show - adjustable from 1-6
  • User Customized MS Login
    • For users who have custom login URLs - copy and paste the URL into this section


All of these values can be adjusted to be colors, gradients, transparent or images

After all of the adjustments are made, be sure to save settings to see the changes on the Welcome Screen

2) Using The Welcome Screen

This section will be broken into two sections, one for using the QR Code to sign in, and the other for using the Sign In button

QR Code

  1. From your phone, scan the QR code
  2. Click the iOS or Android download link from our FAQ
  3. Install the app on your device
  4. Press "Scan Code" from the Authenticator App
  5. Scan the Welcome Screen QR code
  6. Sign in with username, password, and potentially an MFA code
  7. Screen will change to Authentication Successful
  8. User is granted access to Quicklaunch interface

* If you chose to save your credentials on the Authenticator App, you do not need to enter your credentials when scanning the QR code in the future. 

After 3 days of inactivity, the Microsoft 365 or Office 365-based architecture may flush a decrypted password from memory. Mobile device users will have to re-enter their credentials at times due to this security measure.

Sign In Button

1) Press The Sign In Button

2) Enter your Username and press Next

3) Enter your Password and press Next

4) The sign in screen will close and the Quicklaunch interface will show 

3) Security Restrictions

Domain Information

In order to use the Welcome Screen in Quicklaunch, you must ensure that all required domains are set up in Quicklaunch settings

Enter Settings>Account>Login>+ Icon

Add all required domains to the list by using Graph API - Google accounts will NOT work with the Welcome Screen

* Learn how to setup and use Graph API here

For this FAQ, any user with the email suffix of "", "", or "" would be able to use the Welcome Screen


To get the best Quicklaunch experience, we recommend having a Quicklaunch room exclusive Zoom account. To see the account that is being used, enter Settings>Account>Zoom and see the signed in account. If it is not the correct account, sign out and sign in with the correct information

No Internet Connection

If by any change, the Internet connection is lost and users cannot login to the Welcome Screen, users can use our settings shortcut, CTRL+ALT+S on their keyboard to enter Quicklaunch settings. In some cases, accessing Quicklaunch settings will require entering either a Quicklaunch exclusive passcode, or entering Administrative credentials.

To change the Password protection settings Enter Quicklaunch Settings>Account>Enable Password Protection and/or UAC Protection