This feature is available in Quicklaunch version 4.2.778.0 and higher.

Quicklaunch loading screen displays Kramer branded picture and text that can be replaced with a custom image and text.  

During startup, Quicklaunch can't read from its configuration file, therefore, all customizations to the loading screen are pulled from a separate configuration file.

This is an example of the configuration file:



        "MessagesOverride":["Test Overriden Message "],






Please follow these steps:

  • open a text editor (Notepad++)
  • copy the config file example from above
  • change your MessageOverride text inside the quotes
  • show or hide the logo. "ShowKramerLogo" set it to ("False" hides Kramer logo and "True" displays the logo)
  • specify the Path to the picture (note the escaped path to file for proper JSON parsing. Path separated with double backslashes inside quotes.)
  • name the file Ql-Overrides.config, select "all types" on save
  • save the file to C:\ProgramData\UC Workspace\Quicklaunch\Configuration