Recommended PC Specifications



Utilizing 4k Displays with Interactive Whiteboards with Collaboration Applications

· Intel i7 (4+ Cores) , 16GB Ram, 240GB of Storage, Dedicated Graphics GPU


Quicklaunch itself requires very little in terms of CPU, Memory and Storage

· Intel or AMD x64 based Processor, 2GB Ram, 80GB of Storage


However, the collaboration applications that are used on the platform need to be taken into account. For the average collaboration environment, the following is recommended


· Intel i5, 8GB Ram, 180GB of Storage * - Meeting Providers have been recommending i7, 16GB, with SSD

*Always check with the application and hardware vendors to determine your requirements.


Utilizing Intel Unite

· Intel i5 with vPRO chipset, 8GB Ram, 180GB of Storage


Important Note – Encourage your customers to use 64 Bit Skype for Business

iTnews Microsoft has pinpointed high-resolution monitors as the reason for a large number of crashes involving the application sharing feature in its Skype for Business program. The company's NextHop team engineers said the crashes affect instances of Skype for ...

Also ensure you have i7, 16GB, SSD for 4k Interactive Screens


Skype for Business Client Requirements 


Quicklaunch Requirements

Computer Hardware

Processor                                  Intel or AMD x86 or x64-based processor

2.0 gigahertz or higher

Memory 2 GB

Bandwidth                                 1.0 Mbit/s Internet connection

Display Resolution                     1024 x 768 and above

Storage Space 80 GB


Software – Subject to Change

Operating System                      Windows 10

32 or 64-bit OS supported

.NET Framework 4.5

Email Microsoft Outlook 2010 or above / Exchange 2013 and Above

Google Calendar - Current Version

Web Browser Internet Explorer 11 or higher

Google Chrome 49 or higher

Mozilla Firefox 46.0 or higher


Quicklaunch™ install URL and license key Please check your included package material – Download Site must be whitelisted.

Branding Logo If you wish to put a logo image on the screen to uniquely identify your corporation or the individual room, this can be a PNG formatted image up to 1000 x 200 pixels.


Infrastructure for Ultimate Edition

Exchange Account                     A dedicated Domain-joined Windows Account and Password to the account.

This account will also require access to your organization’s Exchange Web Services.

Exchange 2013 or above is required for Quicklaunch™ calendar functionality in Ultimate Edition.

Collaboration Account A dedicated Domain-joined Windows Account or Workgroup Account  and Password to a  Lync 2013 or Skype for Business 2016 account, to be used by Quicklaunch™.


Service URLs Exchange Web Service (EWS) URL

Outlook Web Access (OWA) URL

Microsoft Office 365 URL (only applicable if your organisation uses Office 365 cloud services)


Speaker, Mic, Camera 

Supported PTZ Cameras for Quicklaunch Camera Control


Console Display                        Mimo Vue HD or alternative

HDMI Input - Capture Card        List of Supported Devices