A common question that we are asked is how do I launch and use Office 365 from Quicklaunch.

Office 365 can be presented as an Action Tile in Quicklaunch.

This action tile is easily added in design mode via the application catalog or from Actions Settings.

Office 365 applications (desktop and web) can easily be added to the Launcher via the Application Catalog. For Office 365 web versions, we recommend using Ephemeral mode Policy (works with Chrome and Edge Chromium) or use our UCW secure browser Office 365 Action

Once you have added the Office 365 Action tile you can launch Office 365 by clicking on it.   This will open your selected browser and prompt you for your Office 365 Credentials.

Once you log into Office 365 you will have access to your applications, email and OneDrive account

To launch any application in Office 365 simply open the document or application presented in your browser.

Alternately you can open an existing document in one drive  by clicking on that document or selecting open to open either in the Windows or O365 application.

Once you have launched an online application you may choose to open it in your regular office suite applications from the menu bar

In O365 your files are automatically saved as you enter.   In Having opened your document in the Office suite application with AutoSave enabled any changes are automatically synched to your o365 account or if not can be manually saved.

If you forget to log off, at the end of your meeting, on inactivity or by selecting Reset Room from the Quicklaunch, Quicklaunch can be configured to close all running apps and clear browser data.