This document provides an explanation of how to use the Exceptions and Additions functions in the Close Applications section of Room Reset.

When the Close Applications box is selected, Quicklaunch will close all applications visible on the desktop by default. Quicklaunch, all background processes, and applications running in the system tray will remain running.

This can be changed by entering text into the Exceptions or Additions boxes.

Exceptions - allows programs to remain running when Room Reset happens.

Additions - closes any processes that are running in the background.


To separate programs in the lists, commas or semi-colons may be used. Whitespace does not work to separate names of programs.

.exe can be included, but does NOT need to be specified for Quicklaunch to find the programs.

Example (see image below):

Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Edge will remain open, while Internet Explorer running as a background process will be closed.