This document provides an explanation of how to use the Exceptions and Additions functions in the Close Applications section of Room Reset. 

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Configuring Room Reset - FAQ

1) How to Configure "Close Applications" in Room Reset

  • First head to settings > System > Reset Room > Close Applications
  • When this option is enabled Quicklaunch will close all applications visible on the desktop by default. All background processes, and applications running in the system tray will remain running
    • Exceptions - Allows programs to remain running when Room Reset happens.

    • Additions -  Closes any processes that are running in the background. - If an application is minimized to "system tray" these applications will not close unless added to additions

  • To separate programs in the lists, commas or semi-colons may be used. Whitespace does not work to separate names of programs. ".exe" can be included, but does NOT need to be specified for Quicklaunch to find the programs