this FAQ will explain how to configure and customize your Zoom meeting display rules for Dual Monitors, This feature will allow you to control your zoom meeting when a second monitor is displayed. You will be able to move your zoom meeting to the second display and control it with meeting manager even if it is set to open in the 1st screen. 

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  1. How to setup Zoom thick client settings
  2. How to setup Zoom meetings display rules

1) How to Setup Zoom Thick Client Settings 

To configure "Dual screen mode" within the zoom application 

  • First head to setting by clicking the gear icon 
  • Once the settings page appears go to General > Content Sharing > and enable "Use Dual Monitors" 

2) How to Setup Zoom Meetings Display Rules

  • To Enable Display rules head to settings > calendar > meetings > Zoom  
  • before adding a display rules ensure to enable "Thick client"
  • Once that is enable add a display rule by select the plus sign.
  • Once this is added go to the dropdown under "Window lookup" and select "Custom"
  • head to settings > calendar > Meeting Managers. Enable Zoom
  • Add a display rule by selecting the plus sign > choose "Custom" under window lookup

Once this is enabled and the Zoom thick client settings have been configured you will be able to control both the Zoom client and the meeting manager through Quicklaunch

For more information on display rules go to section "See Also" for more FAQs