The join meeting constraint, restricts the time when a meeting can be started, access to meeting details, attachments and the ability to send group email via the one-click join action tile. 

This restriction can be set to the same day or plus or minus any number of minutes before or after the scheduled meeting.

 Note - This feature is only available with Ultimate Edition 

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How to Enable Meeting Restriction

  • First head to settings > Calendar > General 
  • To enable select either "Same Day Only" or " Time Offset" 
  • To disable simply select "None"

Configure Meeting Restriction 

  • Meeting Restriction has 3 different settings: 
    • Same Day Only:  When this option is selected, you will be able to join the meeting only for the day it was created.
    • Time Offset: When this option is selected, you will be able to choose how many minuets before you can access a meeting or how many minuets after you can access a meeting
    • None: If this option is enabled the feature is no longer running 

  • Display Message: Customize the message you want to appear when trying to join a restricted meeting

Using Meeting Restriction

When trying to join a meeting with restriction a toaster message will appear (as shown below)