This FAQ will explain how to disable all meeting notifications. If you disable these options, all notifications and meeting timers will be disabled or hidden.

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  1. How to Disable Meeting Notifications
  2. How to Hide Meeting Timer in Tabbed Mode
  3. Meeting notification in Room Reset
  4. Information on Zip Files

1) How to Disable Meeting Notifications 

  1. Enter into settings > Calendar > Notifications.  Disable all options.
    • Meeting End: Once your meeting has ended a warning will appear.
    • Meeting Waring: If this option is enabled you will be notified minutes prior to meeting end. You will be able to dismiss or extend your meeting.  (For more info see section 4)
    • Meeting Zip: This option will prompt a message asking if you would like to Zip/email files. 
    • Suspend button: For more information please see FAQ in the section above "See Also"

2) How to Hide Meeting Timer in Tabbed Mode

  1. Enter settings > Display > Fullscreen> Tabbed > Visibility > disable "Meeting Timer" 

3) Meeting Notification in Room Reset

   If this option is enabled you will be notified that your room will be reset once your meeting has ended. If this option is disabled your room will not reset automatically and you not receive any notifications.

  1. Enter settings >System> Reset room > Disable "Meeting end"

4) Information on Zip Files 

Allow Zip/Send Meeting File: This setting can be configured to zip all files located in the path and sent to an email. The notification displayed by this setting is dependant on the other notifications shown. Two examples are shown below.
  • First head to Calendar > General > Allow Zip/Send Meeting files 
  • If this is not enabled a toaster message will no longer appear after a meeting has ended.