This FAQ will explain how to suspend room reset. When room reset is enabled to prompt when a meeting is about to or has already ended, this button will give you the option to suspend the action. 

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  1. Postpone Room Reset
  2. How to Enable Suspend Room Reset
  3. Using Suspend Room Reset

1) Postpone Room Reset

As an alternative to suspend Room Reset, you can "postpone room reset" on the meeting timer.


2) How to Enable Suspend Room Reset

  •  To enable suspend Room Reset,  head to Calendar > Notifications > Enable "Show Suspend Button"
  • When you enable the suspend button, it will only appear when a room reset is prompt at the end of a meeting or prior to a meeting end.
    • Meeting end notifications
    • Meeting warning notifications

3) Using Suspend Room Reset

On the Meeting End and or Meeting Warning dialogs, a button "Suspend Reset" will now appear.  Clicking this button will suspend all room reset notifications for the current meeting.

  • Meeting End:  


  •  Meeting Warning:  


After selecting the "Suspend Reset" button a dialog message ensuring this is what you would like will appear.