Quicklaunch currently supports both AirServer Windows 10 Desktop Edition AND AirServer Universal for PC. This guide explains how to add and configure an AirServer Quicklaunch Action Tile.

First, install AirServer to your computer. You can use either the Windows UWP app or the Generic Windows Desktop installation.

Next, open Quicklaunch settings by either selecting the gear icon or CTRL + ALT + S on your keyboard.

Navigate to Settings > Actions > Actions.

Select the Group to add AirServer to.

Select the Plus Sign to add a new Action Tile.

Enter AirServer in the search bar and select the relevant option.

The program path will auto-detect. If there is red warning text, please direct Quicklaunch to the location of the application.

Select Save. The AirServe Action Tile will now be visible in Quicklaunch. Clicking it will open the application.

For more options of how to customise an Action Tile, see Customizing Action Tiles.