1. Room Reset Settings

2. Calendar Settings

3. Allow Zip/Send Files on Meeting End

4. Meeting timers

1. Room Reset Settings: Settings> System> Reset Room

These two Settings trigger Room Reset on meeting end or Inactivity regardless if the meeting notifications show up on the screen. For More Info on Room Reset Click (Here)

  • Meeting End: If enabled, a Meeting end Warning will show after a meeting has ended to reset the room.
  • Inactivity: If you are inactive for a certain number of minutes a reset room notification can be configured to show.

2. Calendar Settings: Settings> Calendar> Notifications

There are a few settings that control notifications at the end of a meeting.

  • Show Suspend Button: Shows a button on Meeting End and Meeting Warning notifications popups, allowing a user to stop all remaining notifications and room reset for the current meeting. See FAQ

  • Allow extend reset overlap: Allows extending Room Reset beyond the start time of the next booked meeting.

  • Meeting End: After a meeting has ended a warning message that applications will be closed and data will be deleted can be configured to show.
  • Meeting Warning: A warning can be configured to appear when a meeting will be ending. Users can either Extend or Dismiss it

3. Allow Zip/Send Files on Meeting End.

Calendar Settings: Settings> Calendar> General

  • Allow Zip/Send Meeting File: This setting can be configured to zip all files located in the path and sent to an email. The notification displayed by this setting is dependent on the other notifications shown. Two examples are shown below.

4. Additionally, you may want the meeting timer that is displayed on the Dockbar or on a Tabbed screen to not show. See Disable Meeting Timers On Flat and Tabbed Mode for more information on this subject (also briefly described below).