This is a V4-Only Feature which requires Active Maintenance in order to use.

The following guide explains each of the advanced settings available for Tabbed Themes in Quicklaunch.

Here is an example of a fully styled Quicklaunch in Tabbed mode.

*Note - Changes made are drastic, so they are easy to see.

This is the Tabbed Theme Settings.

Default Font

Header Logo

Color Space: This option has RGBA, Transparent, Picture and Gradients

  • RGBA: This setting (Red, Green, Blue, alpha) A or Alpha changes the Transparency of the colors. Shown Above the transparency changes the black to a grey.

  • Transparent: This Setting Changes the background completely transparent.

  • Picture: This setting allows you to add a picture instead of  a color  

Gradients: (Color ramp or color progression) There are five different Gradient Settings 

  • This Gradient setting radiates from the center

  • This Gradient setting goes from top left to bottom right

  • This Gradient setting goes from bottom right to top left

  • This Gradient goes from left to right

  • This Gradient goes top to bottom

All of these options can apply to the remainder of the settings.

Center Background

Fill (Radio Button)

  • This will fill the entire screen with the chosen photo and stretch X and Y values.

Stretch (Radio Button)

  • This will change the X value of the photo to make the entire image fit on screen.

Tile (Radio Button)

  • This will not adjust the size of the photo, but it will multiply the photo in order to fit the screen.

*Tip - Using high resolution photos will yield a better result for background images.

Right Panel Background

Left Panel Background

Left Panel Selected Item Background

Calendar Item Background

Selected Calendar Item Background

Calendar Join Background

Copy and Pasting Settings

With these steps, you can completely customize Quicklaunch Tabbed Theme settings to suit any needs possible.