How to Add an Action Group: 

SubAction group is an action tile that contains a collection of Subactions to be all run when the group runs. SubAction Group contains the information for high level interactions, each Subaction contains the information to successfully run the Action

*NOTE* -  This feature is only available for Ultimate Edition (UE) 


  1. How to Add a SubAction group

    1. How to Add Sub Actions 

    2. How to Move and Delete Actions

  2. How to Add Action group in Events 

  3. How to Configure Display rules for your Action Groups

1) How to Add a SubAction Group: 

  1. Head to settings (Ctr-alt-s) or gear icon > Go to actions > actions 

  2. Once in Actions select the plus sign and select add an "Action Group"

1a) Adding Sub Actions to an Action Group

  1. When adding sub actions to an Action Group Action Tile, there are some actions that cannot be added and they will not appear when trying to add. They are
  • Action Group Action Tile
  • Blank Tile
  • Popup Actions (App View and Volume Popup)
  • QuickLaunch actions - Dock View, Fullscreen, Room Reset and Screen Saver

-Add Sub Action from the catalog

  1.  Beside the Action Group click the plus symbol to add a sub action from the catalog.
  2. The action selected from the catalog will be added to the action group. 

Note - If the Action Group action tile Name, Short Name Description and Icon fields are left as default, when the first sub action is added they will be updated from the sub action.

 -Add a Sub Action from existing actions

  1. Beside the Action Group click the double plus symbol to add a sub action from all existing actions
  2. A screen with all the action tiles will appear 
  3. Choose which tiles to add in the group 

2b) Moving and Deleting Action within SubActions 

  • How to Move Actions :To Move a sub action within an Action Group Action. 

    1. Select an action tile within the group or Select the group

    2. Use the up or down arrow at the bottom of action list

  • How to Delete Actions: : To Delete a sub action within an Action Group. 

    1. Select an action tile within the group or select the group

    2. Select the X at the bottom of the action list 

  • How to Hide Actions: To Hide Actions within the action group.
    1. Select the downbar in the top left corner.
    2. This will hide the actions.

2) How to Add SubActions in Events 

  1. Settings (Ctrl-alt-x) > System > Events > Add an Action group

  2. Once added select event type 

3) How to Configure Display Rules 

*NOTE* -  If you are adding an action tile from an existing action the display rules will override when added to the group. 

Check the link below for more information on display rules: