This is considered a master FAQ and will have links to  videos and other technical FAQs. This will cover using and configuring Microsoft Whiteboard.

In order to use the Microsoft Whiteboard in the meeting room effectively, users will need to login to their individual Whiteboard Accounts. Microsoft does not provide a method to delete whiteboards if logged in as the room user. It is important that the PC or Quicklaunch is set to prevent the storing of School or Work Accounts as Microsoft provides no programmatic way of deleting them at this time. 


March 19, 2019 with Windows 10 1803 release with KB4489894

Microsoft Whiteboard is not installed by default in Windows 10 Download 

Technical Notes

For detailed technical note on the configuration of Quicklaunch and Windows for Microsoft Whiteboard please see

Technical Notes - Configuring Quicklaunch and Windows to User Microsoft Whiteboard

Using MS Whiteboard

Configuring MS Whiteboard.

Enter Settings Ctrl-Alt-S

Create the Action Tile

1 - Select Actions

2 - Select the Group you would like to add it to

3 - Select Plus to add and Action Tile

4 - Find MS Whiteboard from the Catalog

5 - Select MS Whiteboard from the Catalog

6 - Set the display Rules

 Save or Continue

Enter Settings Ctrl-Alt-S (If not continuing)

Set Policies Within Quicklaunch

7 - Select > System > Policies

Select Do not cache 'work or school' accounts FAQ

Block consumer accounts for UWP applications

8 - Select > System > Reset Room

Select Microsoft Whiteboard

9 - Save

10 - Reboot System Due to Policy Setting Changes