Quicklaunch now supports the new Mosaic Connect by NEC which is the newest way to seamlessly share content from external sources on your NEC interactive display. This guide will explain how to set up and use the new Mosaic Connect Action Tile available in Quicklaunch Version 4.


  1. Initial Set-Up
  2. Set-Up In Quicklaunch
  3. Closing Mosaic Connect

See Also

Customizing Action Tiles

1. Initial Set-Up

2. Set-Up in Quicklaunch

  • Navigate to Settings > Actions > Actions.

  • Select the Group to add Mosaic Connect to.

  • Click the Plus Sign to add a new Action Tile

  • Enter Mosaic Connect in the search bar and select the relevant option.

  • The program path will auto-detect. If there is red warning text, please direct Quicklaunch to the location of the application. 

  • Select Save. The Mosaic Connect Action Tile will now be visible in Quicklaunch. Clicking it will open the application. 

3. Closing Mosaic Connect

  • In order to close out of Mosaic Connect Connect, click the Exit button to retuirn