This FAQ is to show you how to set up HDMI Share and an Action Tile to turn on & off HDMI Sharing for a device like a laptop or a TV. 

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  1. Setup your HDMI Capture Device.
  2. Setup the HDMI Share Screen.
  3. Setup HDMI Share for your Device.
  4. Add an HDMI Share Action tile.
  5. Using the Action tile to Show the Connected Device.
  6. Advanced Option: Use the Action tile to show/hide captured video from your device.

1) Setup your HDMI Capture Device

  1. You will need to have an HDMI Capture card from one of our Supported HDMI Capture Devices.
  2. Install the HDMI Capture card and connect a laptop or TV to the HDMI port.
  3. NOTE: if you are using a Magewell device you may need to set the Magewell default background color to black.
  4. If using a laptop, be sure it is set to share or duplicate the screen on the HDMI port

2) Setup the HDMI Share Screen

First enable HDMI Share. Go to settings > HDMI Share > General > Enable HDMI Share 

Now, you will need to enable the screen you want your device to be displayed on.  

  1. Select the HDMI Share "screens" tab.
  2. Select the screen you would like and check "Is Enabled".
  3. Set "Default Visibility" to "Show only when device is showing".  This will ensure the captured video from your device will only be displayed when you click on the Action Tile.

2) Setup HDMI Share for your HDMI Capture Device
  1. Select the HDMI Share "devices" tab.
  2. From the list of connected devices, select your HDMI Capture Device.  Common aliases are:
    1. Magewell: USB Capture Device.
    2. Mimo: Plankton Captured HDMI Video.
  3. Check "Is Enabled" for your capture device.
  4. Set default screen to the one you enabled in the previous step.
  5. Set default visibility to "Use action tile to show the device" - this will ensure the captured video will stay hidden until you click on the action tile.
  6. Save the settings.

3) Add an HDMI Share Action tile

  1. To add an Action tile go to settings -> Actions.
  2. Select the group from the list above.
  3. Click on the Actions tab.
  4. Once on this page, select the plus sign to add an action tile.
  5. When the catalog opens, Search for "HDMI".
  6. Select "HDMI Share 4" and click on "Select".

  1. Connect the action tile to your device from the list of devices.
  2. For your device, set the visibility to "Show".
  3. Leave the screen as "NoChange" - this will use the default screen you defined above.

4) Using the Action Tile to show the Connected Device

  1. Plug in your device to the HDMI capture card (if not already plugged in).
  2. To show your device click on your Action Tile.
  3. Quicklaunch will go into dock mode, and your device will be displayed on the pre-defined screen.
  4. To close the screen, simply select the X icon in the upper right hand corner of the HDMI Share screen.

5) Advanced Option: Use the Action tile to Show/Hide your Device.

If you like you can use the Action tile to both turn on and turn off your device.

  1. Go to settings->Actions and open your HDMI Share device action tile.
  2. Under Visibility, set it to toggle.
  3. Save Settings.

Now you can use your action tile to both show the device, and to also close the device.