CAUTION: This is an advanced FAQ for IT professionals. Knowledge about colour format, resolution, and frame rate is important to properly use HDMI Share Advanced Settings. 

In some cases it may be required to fine tune HDMI Share settings for frame rate, color encoding or resolution.  Typically this is only required when a graphics card does not support a specific color encoding, or performance is an issue. 


  1. How to get device information
  2. How to access and use HDMI Share advanced settings

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1a) Install Capture Manager Tester

In order to use HDMI Share advanced settings, you will need to retrieve the possible options from your device. Capture Manager Tester (AKA CaptureManagerDuo) is the tool to get this information.

1b) Using CaptureManagerDuo

  1. Select your chosen device
  2. Select VideoStream 0
  3. The next dropdown shows supported colour formats for your selected device.  Select one.
  4. You will then see a list of all supported resolutions.  Select one.
  5. The final dropdown shows supported frame rates.
  6. These are the supported options for your device that yoiu can then enter into HDIShare Advanced Settings.

2a) Enabling Advanced Settings in Quicklaunch

  • Open Quicklaunch Settings by pressing CTRL + ALT + S
  • Navigate to HDMI Share > Devices > Custom Video Configuration

2b) Using HDMI Share Advanced Settings

Using the knowledge from Capture Manager Duo, you can now enter values to the three options available in HDMI Share Advanced Settings.

  1. Colour Format: Select a supported colour mode from the dropdown list
  2. Resolution: Select a supported resolution from the dropdown list
  3. Frame Rate: Select a supported frame rate from the dropdown list.

If any mistakes have been made while entering values for advanced settings, HDMI Share will default to standard settings.