Quicklaunch reads and updates a variety of calendar and profile information.  The list below itemizes the information accessed and if it can be disabled in Quicklaunch settings.  This applies to all access mechanisms: Exchange Web Services (EWS), Graph API or Google API.

Type of InformationCan be disabled in Quicklaunch?Type of Access
Name, email and photo of meeting organizershow organizer image can be disabledread
Calendar items for the room account or change user (details, attendees, organizer, start time), attachmentsdetails & subject can be disabledread
Add the room account to the calendar item (in change user, add the room to the meeting)
Send email using the room account or change user account
Send emails can be disabledcall
Update organizer's calendar with add participants
Add participant can be disabledupdate
Update organizer's calendar when meeting is extended
Impersonation can disabled update
Create a new calendar item in room account/user account with book room
Book room can be disabledadd
Remove room account calendar item for meeting check in
Meeting Check in can be disableddelete