This FAQ will cover how to install and setup the new Ultimate Edition exclusive feature known as Wireless Tablet Remote. Wireless Tablet Remote acts as a persistent remote control meaning that access to the controller does not get disconnected on meeting end, or on room reset.


  1. Installing the Wireless Tablet Remote
  2. Setting up the Wireless Tablet Remote 
  3. Using The Wireless Tablet Remote 
  4. Video

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Quicklaunch Remote Control


The Quicklaunch Wireless Tablet Remote  is a lightweight web server installed on the conference room computer.  For any device to control the computer, they must be on the same network (wired or wireless) and be able to access the conference room computer web server. Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition with active maintenance is also a requirement. You may also get a Quicklaunch Wireless Tablet Remote  feature key to utilize this feature with other Quicklaunch editions.


The Quicklaunch Wireless Tablet Remote  has a number of levels of security:

  • the console software uses a user-defined authorization token defined in Quicklaunch
  • the conference room computer firewall can be configured as a public network and limit access to the computer


  • Due to restrictions in the windows operating system, the mouse and keyboard will not work with any elevated program (i.e. programs "run as administrator").  This also includes with Windows on screen keyboard.  We recommend you use the remote keyboard or the Quicklaunch on-screen keyboard.

Installing the Wireless Tablet Remote 

  1. Download the latest UCW Installer from UCW Installer Web Site

2. Install Quicklaunch from the product list - Quicklaunch Wireless Tablet Remote  will automatically be installed

Setting Up The Wireless Tablet Remote

From Quicklaunch Setup Wizard

  1. Launch Quicklaunch for the first time
  2. Work through the setup wizard
  3. Enter a UE license key, or the Wireless Tablet Remote feature key

4. When on the System Tab, enable Quicklaunch Remote

5. The Port Number, IP Address, API Port and API Auth Token should automatically populate

6. You may change these options if necessary

From Quicklaunch Settings

  1. Enter the Quicklaunch interface
  2. Press the gear icon to enter settings
  3. Settings > Plugins Group > Quicklaunch Remote Control Tab
  4. Enter a Wireless Tablet Remote Code (may need to enable Quicklaunch Remote Control if not done in setup wizard)
  5. If no Quicklaunch API has been configured, enter Settings > System > General
  6. Enable Quicklaunch API, enter a token and choose a port

To close your Wireless Console session, you may turn off Quicklaunch Remote, change your Wireless Tablet Console Code, or press the refresh button to generate a new code

Using the Wireless Tablet Console

1. While in the Quicklaunch Remote settings screen, use your device to scan the onscreen QR code

2. You will now have full access to your Quicklaunch meeting room

Android - There are a few ways to scan QR codes with Android:

1. Some phones allow you to use the camera to scan the QR code.  Point the camera at the QR code and a link should pop up.  Tap on the link.

2. Use the built-in Google Assistant. Start Google Assistant by pressing and holding the home key.  Click on the Google Lens icon (left of mic button) and then scan the QR code,  When a URL is displayed, click on it and you will be taken to the Quicklaunch Remote.

3. If neither of these work, you will need to download an app to read QR codes.

iPhone - use the iPhone camera to scan the QR code.  Point the Camera at the QR code, and click on the link to display the Quicklaunch Remote.