In this FAQ, you will learn how to setup and use Zoom within Quicklaunch. Zoom offers the ability to host meetings, video webinars, collaboration enabled conference rooms and send IM's. Integrating your Zoom account into Quicklaunch can maximize any meeting room.


Quicklaunch or higher must be installed

If you have version 4.2 or later of Quicklaunch connect to your Zoom account using OAuth from Quicklaunch.

(After November 5, 2022 this will be the only way to use Zoom within Quicklaunch) 

Depending on your Zoom configurations you may need to pre-approve the Quicklaunch app on the Zoom Admin site.


  1. Connecting Zoom with Quicklaunch
  2. Revoking Zoom Account Permissions
  3. Show Quicklaunch and Zoom windows when sharing

1.  Connecting Zoom with Quicklaunch

  • Open Quicklaunch Settings <Ctrl-Alt-S> and navigate to Account > Zoom.
  • Click the Sign In Button,
    • You will be directed to the Zoom website to enter your credentials.
    • If it is the first time your account has used the OAuth login, you may be prompted to grant permissions to Quicklaunch.
    • Quicklaunch requires the following access scopes to your Zoom account:
      • View and manage your meetings - For the creation of meetings for Meet Now functionality.
      • View user Info - Retrieve user info for verification of signed-in user.
      • View user's zak token - To start/join meetings through One Click Join and Meet Now.

  •  Once logged in and approved, you will be returned to the Quicklaunch Settings page. 

See our video -

   2. Revoking Zoom Account Permissions

You can have Quicklaunch forget the current user by clicking "Sign out" from Quicklaunch settings.

  • Open Quicklaunch Settings <Ctrl-Alt-S> and navigate to Account > Zoom

  • Click the "Sign Out" Button.

  • If verification succeeds, you will be able to join a meeting as the host or a participant by clicking the Zoom Meeting action tile in the calendar.

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