In this FAQ, you will learn how to setup and use Zoom within Quicklaunch. Zoom offers the ability to host meetings, video webinars, collaboration enabled conference rooms and send IM's. Integrating your Zoom account into Quicklaunch can maximize any meeting room.


  1. Downloading Zoom
  2. Connecting Zoom with Quicklaunch

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1. Downloading Zoom

  • Visit Zoom's website - 
  • Click "Sign Up, It's Free" to progress to the next screen
  • After entering your email, Zoom will send you a confirmation email

2. Connecting Zoom with Quicklaunch

  • To enable Zoom in Quicklaunch visit Settings>Account>Zoom, enter credentials then click verify
  • Zoom meeting should appear in your calendar
  • After clicking the Zoom icon in the Quicklaunch calendar, your meeting will launch