Quicklaunch Templates are patterns or blueprints of the meeting room Quicklaunch interface that are saved as Quicklaunch Template Files (QLT). Quicklaunch templates are created to make it easy to setup additional rooms and change configurations. A template contains configuration information for the room and includes display settings, themes (colors, logo etc), action tiles, calendar and system settings. Each of these settings can be imported on another Quicklaunch computer as a whole or as individual sections. It provides IT an easy way to rollout or make changes to multiple rooms. 

A Quicklaunch template saves the configuration without the credentials and license key (QLT). This is useful for setting up new rooms.  Alternatively, you can create a full backup with credentials and license keys (QLS). This is great for doing a backup of the room settings file.

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  1. How to Create and Export a Room Template 
  2. How to Import a Room Template 
  3. How to only Export/ Import Themes and Actions 

1) How to Create and Export a Room Template

Before exporting your settings file as a Room Template, you must create and customize your settings. 

you can customize 

  • Action Tiles 
  • System Settings 
  • Display 
  • Calendar Settings 

For more information on customizing Quicklaunch see links above in the "See also" section

1a) How to Export as Room Template 

  • After saving, head back into settings and select the dropdown under"Export" > Create Room Template 
  • Once that is selected file explorer will open and save your QLT file 

2) How to import a Room Template

There are two options where you can import your .qlt file

  1. You can import your template in the Setup Wizard after installing Quicklaunch 
  2. you can import your template after you have installed and setup Quicklaunch.
  • To Import simply select the "Import" Button
  • Once that has been selected, file explorer will open and you can select the template you want 
  • Once you have imported > Save and your new settings will have taken place.

3) How to import sections of settings 

this feature allows you to import a certain sections from an existing .qlt or .qls file 

  • To import simply go to the section you will like to import 
  • Under "Options" in the far right corner
  • Select "Import Action settings"
  • Once that is selected file explorer will open and you will be able to select the file you will like to import

Note - this feature works with every tab using actions was just one example