The Quicklaunch Meeting Manager is a user friendly interface for controlling meetings. Meeting Manager was designed for "Console Use" but can also be used on a Single Screen (for more info see "See Also" section) 

This guide demonstrates the functionality and user experience of the Meeting Manager. Generic configuration tips are also provide. 

Quicklaunch V4 Download: MSI Installer


  1. Requirements
  2. How to Setup Zoom 
  3. How to Use Zoom meeting manager 

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NOTE: Quicklaunch Version 4  is required to use this feature. See our guide for upgrading from Version 3 to Version 4 here.

NOTE: Zoom Meeting Manager is only available in Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition 

1) Requirements

In order to run the Meeting Manager with Zoom you will need:

  • A Zoom Account ID and Password - This account is logged in by default - Quicklaunch uses a Zoom User Account for the Room - this allows the PC to run applications. 
  • Version - This feature is available in V4 Ultimate Edition. Check link above to Install V4
  • MSI - Install Zoom Meeting Manager and Prerequisites - FAQ

2) How to Setup Zoom

1. Once setup is complete, Enter settings by selecting CTRL + ALT + S and navigate to Settings > Account > Zoom

2. Enter your Zoom account information in the relevant fields.

3. Go To Settings > Calendar > Meetings > Zoom and configure Zoom meetings 

4. Zoom Join Choice- see table below

SelectionResult of Selection 

Always Join as RoomUser will not be prompted for Host Credentials and you will join as the account specified under Settings > Account > Zoom
Prompt Sign In Or Join As RoomUser will be prompted to select if you are joining as a Host or using Room Credentials
Cancel OptionIf you would not like to proceed select the cancel button. If select this option the meeting will not be joined and you will be sent back to the QL main screen 

5. Select "Start with Video and Start with Audio" if you always want audio and video started on meeting join

       5a. If Meeting Manager is enabled, the audio and video settings will be used from Meeting Manager

6. Next, navigate to Calendar > Meeting Managers 

7. Select Zoom in the column on the left.

8. A description of each setting is found below

Enable Meeting Manager- If enabled when joining a Zoom meeting, Meeting Manager will open. If this is not enabled Manager is turned off. 

Launch on Meeting Joined - When a meeting is launched and a "Flat" Display is configured, this will launch Meeting Manager in another window. With a "Tabbed" display configured, this will put Quicklaunch into Docked Mode.

Enable Phone Dialing – Enables the dial pad within the Meeting Manager (Note: Requires additional Phone Subscription)

Auto Share in Meeting – When the Wired or Wireless sharing options are selected, automatically share your screen in the Zoom Meeting

Start with Audio – Join Zoom Meetings with audio turned on

Start with Video – Join Zoom Meeting with video turned on

Show On Dockbar - When this option is enabled Display rules will open, and Meeting Manager will open in Dock bar when joining a meeting. If this is disabled Display rules will not appear, But Tabbed settings will appear. 

If disabled in Flat mode Meeting Manager will not open.

Tabbed Settings- To enable "Tabbed settings" disable "Show on Dockbar." If in tabbed mode you can select the screen in which you want meeting manager to open in.

Display Rules – When in Flat Mode, these settings dictate where the Meeting Manager Window appears

3) How to Use Zoom Meeting Manager 

Join a Meeting by Clicking or Touching the square on the calendar. 

Depending on how settings are configured, the meeting will either Join as Participant, Join as Host and be prompted for credentials, or prompted to select how to join. 

Select the relevant choice. 

Quicklaunch will launch the Meeting Manager. The Zoom client will be launched on a secondary screen. 

Finally, the user can control the Zoom client from the Quicklaunch Meeting Manager interface:

Participant Management - The host can add, remove, mute, and unmute individual participants. This is accomplished by clicking a meeting attendee and selecting the appropriate action. 

Inviting a Participant - Select either Invite by Email or Invite By Phone and follow the appropriate steps. An email will be sent to the address typed or the number will be called.

Conversation - The Conversation tab provides a read-only anonymous view of the meeting chat. 

Sharing - provides access to the applications which have been configured to show in the "Meeting Manager" Action Group (See How to Customize Action Tiles for more information)

Meeting Controls - control the AV within the room

  • Mute/Unmute your microphone
  • Turn On/Off your video feed,
  • End the Meeting,
  • Mute/Unmute your speaker
  • And increase/decrease your speaker volume

Known Deficiencies

  • cannot enter Meeting Manager when receiving a call 
  • please report any feature requests or errors to <>